For years, foodies had tried and tested various eateries across the city. The word of mouth seems to be one of the oldest ways to make or break the taste.

Our foodies have found a variety of Facebook groups to share their opinions, but sadly, there hasn't been a portal dedicated towards collecting and co-relating the experience of Diners, for others to benefit from.

This is where the idea of Gulp! originated. Showcasing itself as the "IMDB" for food, Gulp.Pk is proudly Pakistan's first and very own social network, which promises a level playing field for diners, and their hosts, to like, comment, share, but most importantly, review their experience.

With a host of upcoming services, including exclusive deals and online reservations, Gulp! offers its users an interactive Search Engine, together 1000's of eateries to choose from the selected cities.

What is Gulp!: Gulp! Pakistan's only Crowd Sourced Reviews and Social Networking WebSite

What does gulp do : Gulp! Collects and co-relates the ratings of foodies, based on their overall experience

What it offers to Foodies:
  • Gulp.pk is a Resturant Search and Discovery Service, providing Restaurant Information, through business profile pages to include, pictures, contact information and locations together with moderated Qualitative & Quantitative, to ensure authenticity.
  • Gulp.pk offers foodies to build foodie profile pages, invite friends or make new connections with other foodies.
  • Gulp.pk offers its business partners to reach out and market new tastes to our family of foodies,

How is Gulp! a Social Network:
  • Live Food Feed
  • Check in Feature
  • Option to post their experience,
  • sharing & commenting on Foodie experience
  • Like, share, follow, and review through a 5 star rating sytem.
  • Uploading and building a foodie profile, uploading picutres,

Gulp! Rating Scheme : 5 star rating scheme for businesses based on food quality, ambiance, service, etc.

Keep Gulping!

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